Collecting My Essays in One Place

Hello and Salaam alaykum, If you're here, I'm assuming you're interested in my writing (or maybe not!) but I thought to compile the links for my essay-type non-fiction pieces in one place. Feel free to explore and leave me a line or two. Enjoy! Reclaiming Feminine Spaces and Bodily Autonomy as Muslim Women - Continue Reading →

What will be (She -22)

‘You managed not to fall into the arms of the first boy who whispered sweet nothings!’ His wife reared back as though slapped, then pulled her dignity about her like an invincible cloak. ‘Did I?’ She challenged him, holding his gaze without her usual demureness. ‘And really, you of all people should know better than throw stones.’

A Whole New World (She 21)

It was as though he sensed how intertwined their fates would become if their paths did cross. Almost like the rush of emotions that was enveloping him at this moment, bathing him in the glow of her restrained, radiant smile. ‘Oh, I remember you,’ he assured her.

Opo (She – 18)

Had Abibatu Abeke even been the sort of woman who valued people’s comfort levels in awkward social situations, she was certain that something about losing the man who was your anchor to societal validation would have cured her of the habit.

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