A Whole New World (She 20)

It was as though he sensed how intertwined their fates would become if their paths did cross. Almost like the rush of emotions that was enveloping him at this moment, bathing him in the glow of her restrained, radiant smile. ‘Oh, I remember you,’ he assured her.

Opo (She – 18)

Had Abibatu Abeke even been the sort of woman who valued people’s comfort levels in awkward social situations, she was certain that something about losing the man who was your anchor to societal validation would have cured her of the habit.


She refused to tow the line many women in her circumstances would have – of coddling and overprotectiveness as a mother – choosing to make her son’s eventual name a reminder to herself not to get too attached

Review: Rekiya & Z by Muti’ah Badruddeen

The Muslim Write

Muti’ah proves her worth to the world with this excellent story.

Cover image of Rekiya & Z by Muti’ah Badrudeen

Muti’ah Badruddeen delivers a beautiful tale of the reunion of two women whose bond of faith and friendship is threatened by an unresolved trauma.

Written in the alternating perspective of past and present and from the points of view of Rekiya Gbadamosi, the product of an inter-tribal and inter-religious secret marriage; the unacknowledged daughter of one of the richest businessmen in the country and Zaynunah Sanusi, the modest daughter from a typical islamic home. Rekiya and Z tells the story of two women who met as high school teenagers under accidental circumstances, having no idea just how deep the roots of this friendship will grow and how it might be the one last anchor for each of the two friends in their later years.

Rekiya and Zaynunah bond as…

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