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Hi guys. And salaam alaykum. I am going to take a hiatus of about 3weeks to attend to some pressing family issues. Hopefully, I should be back by the last week of September. Insha Allaah. If you haven't done that, please subscribe so you don't miss out when I return. See you then!


If she had to marry, she wanted a man who would accept her with her differences, or at least give her free reign over her own choices. Not one who would try to mold her into something she could never be.

On Identities

I sent this in on a lark, and it was selected!


By deenprogress

From the moment of birth…
“It’s a Girl!”
Stay with us,
As we grow….
First-Born, Example-to-her-sibs.
Shaping us,
While malleable….
Smart; socially awkward; Bookworm.
Into Self.

We acquire some of our own…
Muslimah*, Munaqqabah*.
In this life of Meaning,
Relationships define us….
Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend.

Yet, still, are those
Others seek to attach….
Generations-, Cultures-, Decades-thick
Truth, with her identical twin; Not-so-true
Who I should be.

These labels we wear, give, inherit, bequeath
Willingly, Unwittingly, Grudging, Proud
Burying the Human, Unique.

I peel; weary, wary
Affirming this, Rejecting that
Hoping, someday, to find; amidst it all;

“I write to tackle life from an African Muslim Woman’s perspective.” – the writer

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