Review: Rekiya & Z by Muti’ah Badruddeen

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Muti’ah proves her worth to the world with this excellent story.

Cover image of Rekiya & Z by Muti’ah Badrudeen

Muti’ah Badruddeen delivers a beautiful tale of the reunion of two women whose bond of faith and friendship is threatened by an unresolved trauma.

Written in the alternating perspective of past and present and from the points of view of Rekiya Gbadamosi, the product of an inter-tribal and inter-religious secret marriage; the unacknowledged daughter of one of the richest businessmen in the country and Zaynunah Sanusi, the modest daughter from a typical islamic home. Rekiya and Z tells the story of two women who met as high school teenagers under accidental circumstances, having no idea just how deep the roots of this friendship will grow and how it might be the one last anchor for each of the two friends in their later years.

Rekiya and Zaynunah bond as…

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‘Eid Mubarak!

On these blessed Days of this blessed Month, I ask Allaah for you and for myself - Al-'afuw and Al-'aafiyah, and for every good we find ourselves in need of. I ask the Lord of the Worlds to look upon ours with His Mercy and Benevolence, and remove from us every scourge we have wittingly... Continue Reading →

On Identities

I sent this in on a lark, and it was selected!


By deenprogress

From the moment of birth…
“It’s a Girl!”
Stay with us,
As we grow….
First-Born, Example-to-her-sibs.
Shaping us,
While malleable….
Smart; socially awkward; Bookworm.
Into Self.

We acquire some of our own…
Muslimah*, Munaqqabah*.
In this life of Meaning,
Relationships define us….
Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend.

Yet, still, are those
Others seek to attach….
Generations-, Cultures-, Decades-thick
Truth, with her identical twin; Not-so-true
Who I should be.

These labels we wear, give, inherit, bequeath
Willingly, Unwittingly, Grudging, Proud
Burying the Human, Unique.

I peel; weary, wary
Affirming this, Rejecting that
Hoping, someday, to find; amidst it all;

“I write to tackle life from an African Muslim Woman’s perspective.” – the writer

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